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I registered for that beginning photography class ( on top of my regular college classes ) today, and was informed that class begins today! I had the 85$ right then and there, so I got that paid off that day. It's only the first day of class and I am already pretty familiarized with most of the settings. We were goofing around with the white balance, and the ISO settings. The last photography class I had taken was back in high school. I always loved photography. The only thing that stopped me was my disapproving father, who wanted me to be a nurse. But! You know what? This is MY life and I am going to do what make me happy! Yeah, sure, I can be a nurse and make 20-30 dollars an hour. I don't think I would enjoy it as much as being a photographer.

I got books for Christmas, and I am going to start one of them tonight. Glenn Beck's Common Sense, and The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An overview of the New Physics.

ps) I get depressed when I realize I am behind on my comics. Wah. :[

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