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Hello, my name is Junné and I am a twenty-three year old female. I don't really think my name has a special meaning, but I do know it's a village in Dutch. Also, my mother named me after a character in a romance novel, and apparently she was a princess. Currently, I live in the cheese state, Wisconsin. I don't think it's the greatest place in the world, but I've met some amazing people. I am a very lazy person, but you'll notice that I can be a writer, a graphic designer, a future nurse, and something of a pokénerd. My favorite pokémon is . I play a few videogames and my platform preference is the pc, of course. I am not one for first person shooters, but give me a good MMO anyday. I used to play Final Fantasy Online, Guild Wars, WoW,  and Aion. My favorite animé's/manga are Hellsing, Paradise Kiss, Soul Eater, Gravitation, Nana, Fruits, Samurai Champloo, & Doki Doki School Hours. I also read a few DC & Marvel comic titles. I've an obsession with both Cassandra Cain & Harley Quinn. I also fancy things that include zombies, and other undead creatures. Oh, and some people like to call me a Weeaboo.

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