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December 11th was Matthew and I's first year anniversary. He couldn't get off work, but that was alright. We watched Up. It was so sad at some parts! I actually cried during one in particular. The next day we baked cookies until 8PM. I have three tray full of assorted, delicious cookies! I had a lot of fun, and it seemed like he was amused during most of the time as well. My brother also came home on the 11th ( he's been stationed at California ). He promised to take me out for sushi sometime this week! He is here up until the 27th of December. I've work all this coming week, starting today. And this is around the time I do not want to be working in retail. People can get so damn ridiculous.

Keep warm, and everyone have a Merry Christmas~!

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 I was basically promised a collector's edition for Aion, and when I came in to pick it up there were not any extra boxes. And, not too mention, this girl who had -- for some fucking reason -- reserved the game. She's a girl who works at the store once every so often, so she does not get bumped off the scheduled permanently. This girl does not know a thing about video games, and is very much into other things. Why she reserved the game? We all have no clue, but I tried texting her to see if we could swap preorders because I just have the regular edition, but has failed to come back at me with a reply.I'm just going to wake up ass early tomorrow and buy it at BestBuy. I apparently had work today, but I totally was not on the schedule. And fuck me for not having anything to do today, so I went into work.


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