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the day before thanksgiving show! )

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1) Is your zombie story more of a thriller, or do you have humorous elements...or are you figuring it out as you go, getting more of a mix?
I think I'm leaning more towards thriller, but yeah, I'm figuring it out as I go. I am aiming for realism, and I'm also trying to stray away from the normal plot of a zombie story. I was thinking about doing man vs. man type of thing, to get everyone thinking about themselves etc.

2) Do you hand-write on paper and type scenes in, sprucing the draft up as you type, or do you prefer to just do it on the computer from the start?
When I actually do writing it is usually right into Microsoft Word. I do, however, use paper and pencil on the occasion. That's when I do my characters.

3) Are you naturally an early riser/early to bed person or the opposite--and does your current work schedule mess that up?
I am totally the opposite. It seems I can never go to sleep, and when I do I just never want to wake up! My job usually schedules me second shift, which is awesome. Then there's the occasional opening shift, which just is a pain in my ass.

4) Do you need to "schedule" pockets of time when you'll work on hobbies, or are you pretty good about stopping and taking time to relax each day when you need it?
I need something to get me motivated to even work on a hobby! But yeah, I will demand a certain time of day where I force myself to begin a project. I know when to stop, though.

5) Would you describe yourself as (a) slow to anger, but hold a grudge once you're mad, or (b) quick to anger but get over it just as fast, or (c) somewhere in between?
This depends on the person and situation. I can be all three. My boyfriend, for example, know how to push my buttons and I get so angry so quick. Lol and it usually takes a few hours for me to let go of whatever he said or did. But, other than that, I am a very tolerant and most things people say or do will be bounced off my shoulders with ease.

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