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I've decided to have my 24th birthday at The Safe House. It's a night club in Milwaukee. The whole club's theme is secret spy shit, and it's basically a "safe-haven" for all spies.

It's going to be so much fun, the gimmick starts even before you get into the club itself. It's in discrete alleyway, first of all. It's hard to find, but I know a few people whom already went there. You're supposed to know a password, and if you don't know it...I think you have to do some kind of embarrassing tap-dancing, hula-hoop jazz. Inside the establishment there's going to be the employee's who'll be acting like top secret spies, and interactive all over the place. So, think 1950's kin'a feel.

All of my guests are going to dress as if they were actually spies. They could also acquire a false name, and kind of a persona for the event. I'm going to be Natalia Rusakov. I usually pretend to be a russian named Natasha, anyways. It's a little thing I do. I've a kick-ass russian accent. It's fun times when you and your friends are drunk, and acting like russian spies. Lmao.

I am totally stoked about this. I never been so excited about my own birthday party since I was a kid, I think! I want to rent a limo, or some sort of party bus so we all have a ride there and back. :3

Location Matt's bedroom.
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