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i'm going to be practicing my learned d-slr skills during matt's band. he's playing tonight~!  this camera is quite intimidating, if you ask me!

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I registered for that beginning photography class ( on top of my regular college classes ) today, and was informed that class begins today! I had the 85$ right then and there, so I got that paid off that day. It's only the first day of class and I am already pretty familiarized with most of the settings. We were goofing around with the white balance, and the ISO settings. The last photography class I had taken was back in high school. I always loved photography. The only thing that stopped me was my disapproving father, who wanted me to be a nurse. But! You know what? This is MY life and I am going to do what make me happy! Yeah, sure, I can be a nurse and make 20-30 dollars an hour. I don't think I would enjoy it as much as being a photographer.

I got books for Christmas, and I am going to start one of them tonight. Glenn Beck's Common Sense, and The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An overview of the New Physics.

ps) I get depressed when I realize I am behind on my comics. Wah. :[

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stressing out over limo plans! i've no clue why i'm stressin'. i shouldn't be!

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I've decided to have my 24th birthday at The Safe House. It's a night club in Milwaukee. The whole club's theme is secret spy shit, and it's basically a "safe-haven" for all spies.

It's going to be so much fun, the gimmick starts even before you get into the club itself. It's in discrete alleyway, first of all. It's hard to find, but I know a few people whom already went there. You're supposed to know a password, and if you don't know it...I think you have to do some kind of embarrassing tap-dancing, hula-hoop jazz. Inside the establishment there's going to be the employee's who'll be acting like top secret spies, and interactive all over the place. So, think 1950's kin'a feel.

All of my guests are going to dress as if they were actually spies. They could also acquire a false name, and kind of a persona for the event. I'm going to be Natalia Rusakov. I usually pretend to be a russian named Natasha, anyways. It's a little thing I do. I've a kick-ass russian accent. It's fun times when you and your friends are drunk, and acting like russian spies. Lmao.

I am totally stoked about this. I never been so excited about my own birthday party since I was a kid, I think! I want to rent a limo, or some sort of party bus so we all have a ride there and back. :3

Location Matt's bedroom.
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Happy New year, everyone. I'm posting a month away from my twenty-fourth birthday. That's kind of depressing. I hate growing older. I never really realize how time is just flying passed me. I don't think I'm growing older. I don't look much older than a girl fresh out of high school. I've signed up for classes this semester, and I decided to finish with my twenty-two credits that are left for my graphic design major. I'll officially be graduated in two semesters. After that I'll probably switch back for to nursing, since I've been accepted into the program. I'll just keep going to school. Lol.

There's also a photography place, that's not too far away from me, and they have classes. I'm going to sign up tomorrow and become familiarized with my new d-slr.:]

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December 11th was Matthew and I's first year anniversary. He couldn't get off work, but that was alright. We watched Up. It was so sad at some parts! I actually cried during one in particular. The next day we baked cookies until 8PM. I have three tray full of assorted, delicious cookies! I had a lot of fun, and it seemed like he was amused during most of the time as well. My brother also came home on the 11th ( he's been stationed at California ). He promised to take me out for sushi sometime this week! He is here up until the 27th of December. I've work all this coming week, starting today. And this is around the time I do not want to be working in retail. People can get so damn ridiculous.

Keep warm, and everyone have a Merry Christmas~!

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Someone please tell me they like Ron Paul just as much as I do?!

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the day before thanksgiving show! )

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